Toni Kroos Hesitates to EA Sports For His Rhythm In FIFA 18

The Real Madrid player responded on Twitter to the questions of his fans. One of those issues demanded more rhythm in FIFA 18 for the German midfielder. This took it with humor, setting an example, yes, his goal scored to Sevilla in the last day of La Liga.

Toni Kroos is never a player who has excelled for speed. The German midfielder has an excellent ball shot, as well as an exquisite game vision. However, it seems that it is overcome day by day, and he himself takes with humor his apparent limitations. The Real Madrid midfield leader answered the questions of his fans on his Twitter account and left a curious response related to the popular video game FIFA 18.

On its own words, Toni Kroos wrote on its twitter:

"Did you saw me play last Saturday? I deserve an 85”.

To the question "Why do you only have 50 rhythm in FIFA 18?, Kroos would have answered "Did you see me last Saturday? I should have an 85", accompanied by the emoji of the face crying with laughter. EA Sports accumulates the requests.

Between laughs and jokes, it seems to us that this is a situation that EA must attend, since Mr. Kroos is an excellent soccer player. It's not because of Kroos fanboys, but when a young person has talent, you have to admit it.

What do you think? Would you like Tony Kroos to be updated? Do you think that's fine? Would you like other players to be modified? You can got this player card with FIFA 18 Coins in market if you like him. Tell us your opinion in the comment box! Remember that our opinion counts a lot and in many occasions it has helped to improve and remove things in videogames. As for example, in Call of Duty.


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